Princess - Lady Lisa Kennedy

Associate Princess - Lady Marcia Jacobi

1st Ceremonial Lady - Open

2nd Ceremonial Lady - Open

Treasurer _ Lady Lynn Henning, PHP

Recorder - Lady Mary Haupt, PHP

Marshall - Lady April Balvin

Oriental Guide - Lady Kathleen Stringer

Directress - Lady Sarah Hanna

Prophetess - Lady Michelle Naucke

Inner Guard - Lady Ami Jacobi

Outer Guard - Lady May LaTranga, PHP - Pro-Tem

​Aides, Trustees,  Musician
​Aide to the Recorder - Lady Cheri Viner
Third Year Trustee - Lady Paulette Green, PHP
Second Year Trustee - Lady Victoria Pinkerton  - Pro-Tem
​First Year Trustee - Lady Colette Nagle, PHP
Musician - Open

High Priestess

Lady Patricia Aaron

Nailah Court No. 107 

2017-2018 Officers